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Our consultants are former CEOs and can identify top talent with unparalleled expertise. We are not just headhunters, we are your partner in shaping a successful future.

Our strategy is based on a lean organization and is oriented towards ambitious goals. This means we are able to handle the executive search order efficiently and successfully without any frictional losses, and offer our customers at home and abroad the highest level of professionalism, quality and efficiency.

Filling key positions is a matter of trust. The partnership-based and continuous collaboration with our customers forms the basis for mutual success. Eagle Executive Search GmbH has set itself the goal of building long-term customer relationships through discreet and needs-oriented order processing.

All of our partners have a successful career as a CEO and combine a wide range of professional expertise. You have built up an extensive cross-industry network and are constantly training to be a competent contact for filling key positions in an increasingly complex world.

Our Vision

As a retained executive search company, we want to take a leading position in Switzerland and also be well anchored internationally.


We strive to bring companies and talent, such as managers and specialists, together in innovative ways and to establish long-term, successful partnerships.

Our Mission

We support our customers in identifying, recruiting and retaining top specialists and managers. These talents are intended to lead our customers to a leading position in their industry and create competitive advantages for them.


We offer tailored solutions and high quality service based on trust, integrity and professionalism.


We have an invaluable unique selling point: All of our partners and consultants are former CEOs who can look back on successful careers in a wide variety of industries and have international networks. Our deep understanding of the highest levels of management and subject matter specialists allows us to identify top talent for your company with unparalleled expertise and precision.

Eagle Executive Search, Schweiz, Executive Search, Headhunter, Headhunting, Personalsuche, Führungskräfte, Fachkraft, Rekrutierung, Talent Scout

We are more than executive search – we are
your strategic partner in shaping a successful future.



We strive to achieve outstanding results. We rely on expertise, careful analysis and innovative approaches to find the best talent for our customers.

Integrity & Trust

We always act honestly, ethically, confidentially and transparently. The confidentiality and interests of our customers are our top priority.


We view our customers as partners and work closely with them to understand and, where possible, exceed their individual needs and goals.

Diversity & Inclusion

We respect and value the diversity of people. We are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion both within our own ranks and in our search processes.


We are aware of our responsibility towards the environment and are committed to promoting and implementing sustainable practices in our company.

Customer Focus

Our customers are the focus of our activities. Our services are designed to create value and competitive advantage for our customers and promote their long-term success.

Local & Global

As a Swiss company, we have extensive knowledge of the local market. At the same time, we are able to access a global network to find the best talent worldwide.

Have we raised your interest?

Ask without obligation:

Eagle Executive Search, Schweiz, Executive Search, Headhunter, Headhunting, Personalsuche, Führungskräfte, Fachkraft, Rekrutierung, Talent Scout

“committed to excellence” - the basis for shared success.



For an efficient and successful search, we rely on comprehensive information about the company, the goals and the open position. Everything is treated with absolute confidentiality.


Transparency in our approach is very important to us. We therefore provide information about progress at any time, but at least on the agreed dates.


Our partner is your personal contact. He accompanies the research work, coordinates all necessary steps and personally presents the selected candidates.


Thanks to our many years of experience and our own research team, we are able to handle the search mandate efficiently, professionally and successfully without bureaucracy and friction.

Eagle Executive Search, Schweiz, Executive Search, Headhunter, Headhunting, Personalsuche, Führungskräfte, Fachkraft, Rekrutierung, Talent Scout

“committed to excellence” - a high standard,
that we set for ourselves and by which we allow ourselves to be measured.


The process is divided into the following phases,

whereby adjustments are met with appropriate flexibility:

  • Briefing
    It starts with a confidential conversation with the customer about the company, its goals and the specific requirements of the position to be filled. The order confirmation is then created.
  • Research
    The research process forms the basis for the successful identification of qualified candidates. We rely on our extensive database, personal and cross-industry network as well as targeted field research. This combined search strategy enables us to identify qualified candidates within a very short time.
  • Interview
    The identified candidates will be contacted with the utmost discretion and invited to an interview in order to check their personal and professional competence in relation to the position.
  • Dossier presentation
    A detailed report and a position-related assessment are created for each potential candidate.
  • Candidate introduction
    We will personally introduce the most suitable candidates. If you wish, we will be happy to moderate the conversation.
  • Contract negotiations
    We support the contract negotiations between the customer and the candidates and help to successfully complete the order to the satisfaction of both parties.
  • Integration
    After the search has been successfully completed, we will remain in contact with both contractual parties to ensure successful integration into the company.


If, contrary to our experience, we do not succeed within four months,

In order to find the appropriate candidate, we undertake to continue our work for another two months, waiving any further fee demands.

If no solution appears six months after placing the order,the order will be subject to a reassessment.


Stefan Reutimann

Stefan Reutimann

BSc in Business Administration

Managing Partner


Direct: +41 (0) 58 201 88 81
Mobile: +41 (0) 79 422 18 51

Matthias Hornaus

Matthias Hornaus

MBA in Business Economics



Direct: +41 (0) 58 201 88 82
Mobile: +41 (0) 76 416 54 32

Diana Brasey

Diana Brasey

Marketing & Communications Expert /  Partner


Direct: +41 (0) 58 201 88 83
Mobile: +41 (0) 76 274 73 29

Irio Calasso

Dr. Irio Calasso

PhD in Physics



Direct: +41 (0) 58 201 88 84
Mobile: +41 (0) 79 820 20 86

Peter Fridlin

Peter Fridlin

MSc in Management



Direct: +41 (0) 58 201 88 85
Mobile: +41 (0) 79 340 60 86

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Chüngstrasse 31.  8424 Embrach  .  Switzerland

Tel. +41 (0) 58 201 88 88



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